Bridesmaiding is a tedious business at the best of times, but as Julia discovers, the task is particularly cumbersome when one of the brides is your ex and her fiancée won’t stop sulking about it.

With the wedding threatening to dominate everything for the rest of the year, a bewildering embrace with a devastatingly attractive pop star offers a welcome distraction. Dating Krisha catapults Julia away from the paltry concerns of dress fittings and hen dos, but it also takes her away from her friends, and directly leads to her most disastrous f**k up yet. Much to her surprise, she discovers that embracing the role she’d accepted so reluctantly might just be exactly what she needs.

What people are saying about Poptastic:

‘Poptastic is a fun romantic comedy and a real delight to read.’ – The Lesbian Book Blog 

‘Hilarious, authentic and engaging. I loved this book!, – Catherine, ARC Reader

‘Poptastic by Victoria Holmes is a short but jam-packed lesfic rom-com that brings to mind Helen Fieldings Bridget Jones and the chick-lit lesbian fiction of Clare Lydon.’ – Elna Holst

‘Poignant yet heart-warming. A great read indeed.’ – Brona, ARC Reader.

‘This book was so cute and amusing that I read it in one sitting.’ – Jessica, ARC Reader

‘This would make a great book to take on holiday. It’s hard to put down though, so you may need to take another!’ – Saky, ARC Reader

‘I read this book in a single day. I absolutely loved it and just couldn’t put it down. The story was so gripping and real and I loved the bond between the women and the way their friendships changed over the course of the book.’ – Kate, ARC Reader

‘… a portrait of a woman maturing and taking ownership of her life.’ – Karen, ARC Reader

‘Every single thing was real, it represented life. Because life isn’t jut drama or romance, it’s everything in between. And that’s something I truly loved in this novel.’ – Jessica, ARC Reader

Poptastic is out May 7th

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About the Author

After studying for a degree in Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick, Victoria pursued an MA in Social Work at the University of Manchester, and spent many years working with young offenders in Tooting. 
She now teaches English as a foreign language, allowing her the opportunity to travel and write. Following stints in South Korea, Thailand, Italy and Slovenia, she is currently based in Taiwan where she lives with her partner, Yao. 
Although she has been writing fiction on and off since university, Poptastic is her first novel.

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